There once lived a guu

There once lived a guy who thought he was shy At first you would believe him the bam he shows you who he really is then you decide you need to get away from this shy guy who really got you down that’s why im here trying to get up but its getting hard to sleep i feel so bad i hate the only person whose got my back i feel like running hiding jumping on a kite or maybe a bike this guy needs help or maybe its me i cant take this shit i feel bad dont want to throw him out but he would me

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Moons away

Never thought you would ever leave I took you for granted and I didn’t see,all you wanted was to spend time with me i never acknowledged your feelings you were my mom and my heart wasnt always tru to you like you were to me kinda sucks when i should have treated you like a queen i was too buzy. Being lazy and ungrateful leaving you with all my responsibilitys you didnt mind im thankful i had you and dad i just wished i could have been smarter i love u mom i no your not mad at me u just want to rest in peace


Note To Self

Nora,Nora,Nora???? Why are you acting brand new its not 1978 its 2020 you need to stop just walk away don’t let one person’s unkindness break you,Remember the hard times you got through that nora your granddaughters change for them be better so they get to see the real you!! Remember call on the lord nora he’s waiting for you to seek him you will find him you got to cry aloud invite him in seek him and u will find him

A mother’s loss

When you loose a child life never seems the same, You tell yourself you dont deserve to be happy every days a struggle to feel like you belong nothing seems to be ok my baby was 34 days old when she passed its been almost 18 years and i sabotage everything good its like i want to be were am at no not really i just cant let anything good happen for me,, Get this i already mess things in my life up i meet a guy think hes perfect turns out he dont even like me infact he’s a narcissists and he’s here to destroy me but little does he no im to busy destroying myself he will have to wiat his turn i really wished i could go back in time and make that day never happen then i would have all three of my kids