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Ask it

I can promise im not a bad person or at least i dont try to be love is who i am joy is what i bring at times i get caught up in darkness must i keep repeating. Its hell in light places dont try staying to long you mite just end up lost

Facebook good and bad

Let me start by saying you cant blame the internet for what people do its the people who use facebook that make facebook so remember facebook is good as well as bad. The piont im trying to make is facebook shouldnt be held responsible for peoples actions the people should be held accountable facebook is a website not a person you can use facebook in so many good ways to,like bringing some one good sheer helping others its simple people need to stop blamming the internet for there own actions now the goverment might have something to do with it there not for us there obviously agianst us


Have you ever thought to yourself god. You must be real to send me such amazing people in my life,to me the greatest gift he ever gave me were my kids and my granddaughters and no matter what life sends my way with my family by me nothing else matters ya we fight call each other names at the end of the day wee love each other no matter what

Sad soul

He was all she needed,he didnt even care he played hurtful games lied and laughed just to bring her down now she is broken with tears of pian in her eyes. Her heart will be fixed she just cant stay away


I am being me thats all i can do is be me im really not me right now i am learning to be me everyday theres new challenges sometimes to live my life is to be lost without direction to feel cut off from the people you love no one to talk to everyone thinks im crazy maybe i am how would you feel being called a retard it kinda makes me mad then i think people are so hateful and mean I really cant stand anyone except my close circle I would rather be writing then dealing with anyone i dont like to feel like this you just cant trust anyone people will be people thats just it you take the good with the bad the ones who love you love them back the ones who hate you stay away from them you cant let yourself keep playing the victim!!! The real issue at hand is how i handle every situation how my reaction is. To what others say or do never let another bring you down to there level if you get treated bad walk away from the situation it will be medication for the soul i love life and. Im standing up