Will power

In my life im lacking one small thing yet its really not to small its one word but yet its two word thats will power,,??my issue is i have will the will to do what ever pleases nora no matter who gets hurt in the end as long as i get what i want, ive been identifying these thing , iv been dealing with my issues its not so easy to admit what i do my part in my life not being were it should be. I make my life what it i make the chioces i make just know god started a work in me in 2010 and he is not giving up on me i was the one giving up on him he has been “saying nora. Im wiating for you to invite me in” i however will try to invite him in the devil is working very hard on me right now it aint going to win i. Want to be me a leader a person people look up to i dont want to be a laughing stock

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