A mother’s loss

When you loose a child life never seems the same, You tell yourself you dont deserve to be happy every days a struggle to feel like you belong nothing seems to be ok my baby was 34 days old when she passed its been almost 18 years and i sabotage everything good its like i want to be were am at no not really i just cant let anything good happen for me,, Get this i already mess things in my life up i meet a guy think hes perfect turns out he dont even like me infact he’s a narcissists and he’s here to destroy me but little does he no im to busy destroying myself he will have to wiat his turn i really wished i could go back in time and make that day never happen then i would have all three of my kids

Published by noras crazy little mind

Im nora never in life have i been normal. my love for knowledge is what makes me diffrent been told that i am stupid however im far from that...My spirit is down at the moment won't be for long

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