What this world needs is…???..

Wow you guys why is this world So crazy we need to ask god to send us a miracle. I love life even at the toughest times. I still have love for me not going to lie not that much love for me im working on it i need god i tell me this every day i think hes angry with us but he will protect us from the bad ones

These times

Times have changed so much in 2020 and you know what gods getting very upset with us he don’t want us hurting each other,don’t you see it there trying to control us,If we are all against each other how are we all going to. Help each other Im telling you we cant worship in churches we. Are letting them remove god people are destroying are history. And its ok cops are killing people nobody sees they first take the peoples guns so we cant protect are selfs what’s next im giving it to god im going to pray for peace im going to repent im going to get on my hands and knees and ask god to wash my sins away i do believe in the son the father and the holy ghosts…times are dark right now times have to get better if we all pray the light will make darkness leave im being real he will make away were there seems to be no way


Who hasn’t been struggling losing hope have you seen the world lately for crying out how stupid can people be instead of people fighting each other we should be getting ready because the bad guys are taking everyones guns ,now we killing each other. So when we have a civil war we wont have much of a chance because everyone is fighting over color when its not about that its about freedom its about unifying we are one together right now we aren’t doing a very good job of. Showing love and forgiveness if we keep quite nothing happens. However if we shout and take are America back they are the bad guys they want to control us. Instead of everyone fighting over colour we should be paying attention to. Everything if they say its fake news still listen. With opened mind

Walk with god

(Note to me) Nora Hey I’m not going to sugar coat anything it’s time for you to stop making excuses for your actions everyday you hide from god, knowing he will never leave you nor forsake you Nora Don’t you want more ,dont you believe,Dont you have faith anymore I think we have lost faith I remember a time we had so much faith what happened to the faith we need to strengthen are faith we will find it if we seek it let’s agree Nora to think differently to pry more to be thankful for what god has blessed us with another thing dont worry about him it’s his loss stop letting him in let him go you will be ok just pray when he trys talking to you god will see you through it to the end I love you may peace be with you