Answer me this

Why do scammers scam why do bammers bam why do you lie to me and why do I lie to you these are what I ask myself every day people be fighting. people be hiding ? No matter how you see it someone else will see it differently Your pian hits you but the next person  may think your weak to turn the other cheek my writing may confuse you but I understand  it….life it dont last 4 ever so be true to yours forget the rest

Slipping  back

He dont have to be like that!She is my sister  everything in my life they did ‘…what ,Nora shut up they did everything  no actually  they didnt you are the cause of all of it I no it’s a hard thing to process but if you don’t get off the pity potty u won’t be free from bondage and other stuff stop take the blame because your life wouldn’t be were it’s at if you didnt want to be there


The only thing I want to say is my mind might get a little off the deep end , that’s ok nora and my mind is a little crazy I don’t think like the normal people nor the other ones .,,My thoughts can drive a person to drinking and my thoughts can turn a drunk man in to a sober man and a normal one crazy,!!!You just got to talk to god and ask him for forgiveness to keep your thoughts clean and your heart keep it opened


We all make mistakes,some of us keep making the same ones over and over,I love a guy who I definitely no he dont feel the same he is just playing games with me,,I know what you think then walk away nora but my soul is different it doesn’t know how to let go If he didnt give me false hope I wouldn’t be hanging on so tight .,,the way he is doing it giving me hope when there is none is messing with me in a way that I can’t take he will be the one wishing